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James Mitchell is running as the ONLY Pro-Life Democrat for US Congress, 8th District Washington State.  What qualities does Mr. Mitchell bring to earn your trust and your vote? Mr. Mitchell has a "dream" of Unity & Prosperity being restored to ALL of Washington's residents! The Seattle "Freeze" (see Wikipedia) melting from Washingtonians experiencing "Love" through action for real change! That the basic life essentials of food and shelter are available for ALL in this beautiful state, named after our first President of the United States. Love, kindness, mercy, grace, compassion, teamwork...these are Mr. Mitchell's qualities!


  • James is a 55-year old Father, Entrepreneur & business builder/owner. He owns multiple companies. He is also the Founder of a non-profit ministry established to eradicate homelessness/hunger, using for-profit success.  


  • James has taught his daughter to live by Jesus' instruction that we are to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” James is teaching everyone who crosses his path, how to love themselves more authentically so they can truly walk out the above instruction.


  • Author of his much-requested story: "From Shark Tank to JWOW...One Man's Unbelievable Journey". Available in paperback & digital download:


  • James has those old-fashioned Christian family values to be rekindled today.


  • His Campaign Slogan: “Uniting Us All For A Better Life".  Ephesians 4: 25-32 is his North star.


  • James is a Texan – so, he is a downright Southern Gentleman with old-fashioned Christian values that hold true today as they did back then. He brings "Southern Hospitality" to engage with those who need a smile, a hug, or just plain warmth!


  • James has lived in the 8th District for over 23 years understanding his district’s critical needs. He survived the " boom" & forecasted its bust when speaking with technology investors. He experienced the Great Recession & all its pain.  He watched our recovery fast and furiously bring gentrification to Western Washington, exacerbating its economic woes for anyone not in the technology sector with the advent of the "Cloud Technology" as the world's new way to operate.


  • James volunteers at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission in their "Search & Rescue" missions. He has met with New Horizons Youth Homeless Shelter, examining their needs so he could begin to prepare solutions for their needs. His involvement in these organizations began from his own heart for service, well before accepting his call to Congress.


  • James has a determination, faith & tenacity about him, so he is the absolute most qualified to face head on and solve our 8th District’s issues: abortion, rising cost of living/housing costs/wage disparity, etc. (See "Issues" Page).


  • James is committed to being a team player and leading by example. He is humble, authentic & stepped into a school of ministry almost three years ago, seeking deeper awareness of who God is and attaining the deepest authentic relationship possible with our Creator. Why? To further enable him to bring his "best self" to every challenge ahead!


  • Raised by a single mom with four sons who did all she could to ensure they had food on the table and at least used, thrift store clothes at times for school and church, James fully experienced the welfare system. He can describe the old paper food stamps they got once/month to help his mom feed them. Because of every adversity James has faced, he can identify with 99% of voters in their own hard times they have or are experiencing. He has "been there", not just trying to empathize without having gone through struggles! Therefore, he'll tell you he wouldn't trade a single moment of his past!


  • He is passionate about reuniting America, where he sees so much division. He warns that America will fall just like the Roman Empire, if we cannot work together to re-establish "HOPE" through unity, hard work willingness and teamwork.


  • James is fully committed to serving Jesus in everything he does. He knows pain and suffering can either harden our hearts or soften further, using it as an opportunity to pour love into those in desperate situations. He can identify with what you are going through, only because he has been there!


  • A Current project: His own song (click here): "It's About Love"to create homeless awareness video that dives deeper into helping others understand why we have it and how to solve homelessness.


  • James despises hypocrisy and sees it everywhere! He will never ask another to do something he isn't willing to do himself. He knows that great leaders are made not born. His aspirations for "greatness & legacy" are out of this world! His mantra is: "Lead By Example".


  • As an entrepreneur, James sees money as a tool. Wealth is a blessing and those who have it also have a responsibility to create "good" with it. Since we can't take it with us, we might as well use it to better mankind while we're here!


  • Believes in an "open door" policy for the Washington residents. Therefore, he wants to hear from you! He will establish a "Task Force" that encourages you to speak up, speak in and bring any of your innovative, creative ideas. Why? Because we all have value to add. Therefore, he sees your input as an honor for him to listen to and work for you!


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