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Since the last election in 2018, Washington’s 8th Congressional District has not seen much change for the better.  Few - if any - new ideas have been presented in Congress to address major issues we in the 8th District believe need to be addressed.  What we need is a new US Congressman and I’m ready to take this job!  I’m James Mitchell.  I want to spearhead new ideas that offer real solutions that will work for our residents in my 8th District.  I will continue to listen to your voice, working for your concerns in Washington D.C.  Please consider voting for me on August 4th; allow me to have the opportunity to implement these solutions that you, as voters deserve in Washington’s 8th Congressional District!

Remember: Vote for James Mitchell, Pro-Life Democrat, Washington’s State’s U.S. Congressional District #8.  You’ll be glad you did, by Uniting Us All for a Better Life.


  1. Abortion: 18% of pregnancies in 2017 (excluding miscarriages) ended in abortion; approximately 862,320 in 2017, over 61 million infants died since legalized.  Mothers, researchers found, grieve in despair of their decision for the rest of their lives.  Truly a sad outcome for all involved in abortions.  Source:; 09/01/19.  I believe life is sacred, from conception to natural end.  Life is a Whole package: body, mind, spirit, home, work, family, education & happiness.  I have plans that will provide supportive means for pregnant girls & women.

  2. High-Income Jobs Creation: More well-paying jobs through innovative, advanced manufacturing opportunities.  Most talk about STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  I talk STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing & Mathematics.  Jobs that utilize innovation, creative thinking that builds-up “STEAM” in our 8th District.  One example: Cyber Security is forecasted to create one million new well-paying jobs.  My plan will be to teach coding in high schools and faith-based organizations.  This will also solve the problem of skyrocketing cost-of-living increases by better pay to keep up with the rising cost of living.

  3. Education Excellence: Most politicians talk about the need for smaller classrooms, more teachers being paid higher salaries.  8th District voters have heard this need to spend more to improve schools for over 30 years.  We see it on our property taxes.  Yet, more property taxes are not the solution!  The solution is to implement new low cost, curriculums with superior outcomes.  Curriculums that solve our schools’ problems across all grades and economic, ethnic and school district boundaries.  Education is a huge expenditure; both in our state and our Capital, yet 45% of our third graders can’t read or calculate math on their class equivalent test.  I’ll change this when I win.  When you elect me!

  4. Cost of Housing: Demand for housing continues to exceed supply, thus housing becomes more unaffordable. As our economy prospers and grows, plans are needed for the price of reasonable housing to be affordable for one person’s full-time earnings. Solutions are already in Washington D.C.  I will go to the Capital and bring back federal grants and contracts that will build new affordable housing starting with our military veterans.  This approach will begin to solve the problem where people can’t afford to live, thus they/we are edging closer & closer toward homelessness. Sixty percent of Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness.  One crisis or disaster. Let's call it a physical end to work due to a car accident, debilitating disease, loss of a spouse, thus one full income.  Loss of our job from layoff, consolidation or closure.  And, those who are homeless, this program along with STEAM will mitigate this growing cancer of homelessness in our district, as our district becomes more & more effected from the problem spreading further outward from the inner urban city. District #8 will be the model for other states and our nation!

  5. Human Health, Hunger and Prescription Drug Costs: As our world changes, we need to implement new, innovative solutions in the areas of Health, Agriculture, Drug Costs and Sustainability of a clean environment.  I have solutions that I can and will share in greater detail during my campaign’s debate cycles on how we can improve health, banish hunger and reduce the costs of medications.

Committee to Elect James Mitchell
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