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Kim Schrier: Pro-Abortion Pediatrician! WHAT???


Can a newly pregnant mom ever go to a doctor who encourages mothers to abort their babies if not perfect???

Can a new pregnant mom see a doctor who’s Hippocratic Oath when finishing medical school is: “Do no harm.” Yet encourages moms to abort their babies?

Would you urge your daughter who is pregnant for whatever reason to visit that doctor? 

So why would you vote to send a doctor with no regard for life, to U.S. Congress to represent you and your values? Especially when she will promote more laws, allowing more ways to kill the innocent child in a mother’s womb!

  Here's the REAL $SCAM$: Girls/Women/WE Pay       Abortion. Then clinic sells parts for this much $$$
These poor girls know not what they're doing!


For the Record: I, James Mitchell, the ONLY WASHINGTON STATE PRO-LIFE Democrat Candidate,

require MY child's doctor to uphold the Hippocratic Oath's principles to "do NO harm"!


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